BooFi is an exciting DeFi project building on Avalanche.

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Best APYs on the
Avalanche Network

Since most of our farms include our native token (BOO), we ensure APYs and token value stays high.

Rug-Pull Resistant Smart Contracts

BooFinance will verify their contracts on the Avalanche Explorer and only release code that has been internally & externally audited in the past.

Innovative Tokenomics

BooFinance is not settling for regular tokenomics. We're bringing more to the table. 

Fair Launch & Distribution

BooFinance won't be doing any private sales or Pre-Mines, as we believe these methods contradict the nature of decentralization.

Extremely low gas fees

The Avalanche blockchain allows BooFinance to operate at sub-dollar transaction fees.

Unparalleled Speed & Security

Because we're powered by Avalanche, we enjoy the benefits of near-instant finality and a secure network to operate on.